Whether you need the experience to resolve a specific issue or need staff augmentation for an implementation, COMPASS CONSULTING & CONSULTING can help.

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Years of experience in the field give COMPASS CONSULTING & SERVICES a good understanding of "what it takes".

From scope definition, planning and budgeting to excution and management, from inception to delivery, COMPASS CONSULTING & SERVICES can help your team reach its goal by delivering succefull SAP implementations

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The past six years have seen COMPASS CONSULTING & SERVICES gather a wealth of knowledge around banking related processes. From global disbursement platforms to closed loop reconciliaiton, COMPASS CONSULTING & SERVICES can help you reengineer your systems and associated processes to reach high level of efficiency.

Our knowledge of the ISO20022 protocol and its capabilities can take your company to the next level of payment settlement, bank statements processing and overall cash flow related reconciliation.

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COMPASS CONSULTING & SERVICES' 2019 Strategic develoment includes the development and offering of on premise and cloud based applications emcompassing the past six years experience in the banking area. Stay tuned for details or contact us if you want to hear more.